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I decided to change this because I personally hated the other one.  After I posted it, I just couldn’t stand it.  I since chose to re-write it in a different, more readable form.  At least that’s my opinion.

Dr. Anthony Abbott
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1.  Personal Trainers

It seems logical to believe that personal trainers would be the best source of health and fitness information.  Sadly, this is often not true, but it can be.  Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading

Dr. Anthony Abbott
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The fitness world is a fascinating place.  It’s a lot like the wild west.  There is little regulation, and a lot of people like to overstep their boundaries.

On one end of the spectrum, you have personal trainers.  Although education isn’t the only factor in producing results, you should still scrutinize your trainer’s education.  Frankly, what they don’t know could potentially debilitate you.  The Exercise Science PhD who heads up our vocational school Fitness Institute International is also an expert witness in fitness-based court battles.  He has had to testify against a lot of trainers who have made uneducated mistakes.  Some of these mistakes resulted in permanent injury to the client.

We don’t say that to scare you.  We say it because it’s true.  Did you know there are personal training certifications you can take online?  Tyler decided to research them and see just how rigorous they were.  He was shocked by what he found. Continue reading

Since Fitness Institute International is a little-known vocational school, here’s a little information about it.


1.   There is a 100% CPTS (Fitness Institute’s certification) graduate pass-rate on NSCA and ACSM exams.


2.   Dr. Anthony Abbott is an Exercise Science doctorate and has lead Fitness Institute for over 32 years.

Juan Carlos Santana has his Exercise Science master’s degree and is owner of Institute of Human Performance.

Mark Rosenberg is a medical doctor.

Richard Patton is a dietitian with a master’s degree in Public Health who also teaches at Miami Dade College.

Michael Ashley is a drug-free former Mr. Universe and is owner of Say Fitness.


3.   You learn directly from these individuals rather than through any teacher’s assistants.


4.   It costs around $3,600 total.  And considering that that amount of money is able to provide you with the knowledge to pass the same certifications that four-year Exercise Science programs prepare their students for, it’s extremely cost-effective.


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Dr. Anthony Abbott

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