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Today was finally a cardio day (or at least as cardio as I currently get).  I’ve scaled these back a little to make room for the more muscle-gain intensive workouts.  I’m tracking my resting heart rate to see just how little cardio I can get away with.  It keeps Lisa from getting worried if my heart rate stays below 60 beats per minute.  I was at 53 on Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, here are the plyometrics and running I did.  Also, I had a pretty spiffy revelation about plyometrics for people with ACL injuries (John, I mean you.  🙂  ) Continue reading

I’m sore.  Really sore.  Good thing my legs get two days of rest now before my next workout that involves them.  I did some work on my make-shift (sidewalk chalk) agility ladder and then did my sprints.  Good times! Continue reading

Some plyometrics, shuttle-runs, and sprints.  Good times.  No gym involvement either.  However, there were a couple little old ladies walking to the thrift store that’s in the parking lot I run in.  They gave me funny looks. Continue reading

There’s not much to announce here.  The major negative to today was that it was lightly raining this morning, so I couldn’t use my sidewalk chalk to draw my Dot Drill square.  The major positive being that since it was lightly raining, it felt great outside.  It was a fun, pretty easy workout. Continue reading

Today, I just did some side to side jumps over my backpack.  4 sets of 10 jumps.

After that, I did eight 25 foot shuttle-runs.  I’m still getting the hang of them.  I’m slowly learning how to control my deceleration and acceleration.

Finally, I did six fast runs (with each taking about a minute) with a walk back to my original point.  I really don’t know how far the distance was.  I had planned on doing four quarter-mile runs on the treadmill today, but out of the four treadmills I checked at my gym, three were off and one had some pretty crazy fraying on the belt.  I decided that I didn’t want to be the person the treadmill belt broke off on.  So, I went outside and ran from one storage container to another.

Running outside is more fun anyway.  🙂

Well, this is nowhere near my first day of exercising.  I’ve been doing that since I was around 16.  However, I’ve wanted to keep a workout log on the internet for myself and for readers.  I had been pretty apprehensive about it because my workouts sometimes become absurdly complex.

But now, I’m coming to a state of wanting to share what I’m up to each day just to show all of the little ups and downs that come with a workout program.  It’s not all sugarplums and rainbows, but it can be really fun. Continue reading

How to Train Leg Power

I’ve done a lot of box jumps over this last year, and I got to the point where I had to only do them single-legged because there is no way for me to stack up enough Reebok steps and 45lb plates to get the stack high enough for two-legged jumps at my gym.  I stacked them up until they were the height of my navel and was able to land on top.

Looking back, that might not have been the best idea, and I almost hurt myself doing the single-legged box jumps at my gym yesterday.  Thankfully when I tripped on the plate, I didn’t hurt my toe or foot.  My only injury was a little bruising on my right ring finger from catching myself.  Really, that particular fall was no big deal.  The problem would come if I wrote a book and a bunch of people started doing box jumps and started getting hurt.  Although part of the problem was that I had a less stable platform to jump onto because I had less Reebok blocks to work with (curse you, aerobics room), I’ve figured out that I need to have a safer approach to train single-legged power. Continue reading