I know there are a lot of different views of what “personal training” is.  I just wanted to clarify what we mean by personal training when we take you on as a client.  As a personal trainer, our first goal is always safety and injury prevention.  From there on out, our whole program design is based on you and your personal goal. We don’t believe there is a “one size fits all” program.  Everybody is different and so we train everyone a little differently.

Initially, we will do a consultation with you, including your background information and medical history.  Then, after the consultation is done and you are approved to start a fitness program, we will do some fitness testing.


Fitness testing includes:

  • Sub-maximal stress test
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate
  • Body fat
  • Girth measurements
  • Strength
  • And a few other tests depending on what your goals are

After fitness testing, we will set up goals together and steps to take to achieve those goals.  These goals have to be specific, achievable, and measurable.  Then, we will design a program that is unique to your needs.

Also, one major point of divergence of our training philosophy from the standard personal trainer is that our focus is more upon health and fitness than aesthetics.  Our first priority will always be your health and injury prevention.  However, we believe that a healthy body inside creates a healthy body on the outside as well.  As a result, we will take your blood pressure into consideration more than the size of your biceps, but as we create more lean muscle mass and decrease fat mass in order to better your health, you’ll also find that it makes the reflection in the mirror more pleasing as well.

Our certifications include:

CPTS – Fitness Institute International

  • Fitness Testing Specialist
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Training Specialist
  • Special Populations/ Post-Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Nutrition Education/ Weight Management Specialist

NSCA – CPT (National Strength and Conditioning Association – Certified Personal Trainer)

CPR/ AED Certified

Please feel free to contact us at tlbflowllc@gmail.com.  Thanks