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The reasons they’re very likely to be your best resources for nutrition information:

1.  He has been a Registered Dietitian since 1980.

2.  He’s the main nutrition teacher at Fitness Institute International.

3.  He teaches Nutrition classes at Miami Dade College. Continue reading


I decided to change this because I personally hated the other one.  After I posted it, I just couldn’t stand it.  I since chose to re-write it in a different, more readable form.  At least that’s my opinion.

Dr. Anthony Abbott
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1.  Personal Trainers

It seems logical to believe that personal trainers would be the best source of health and fitness information.  Sadly, this is often not true, but it can be.  Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading

Hypothetical scenario:

You’re pregnant, and you have acne.  You go to your doctor’s office, wait a little bit, and the nurse comes out, “Registered Dietitian Joe-Bob is ready to see you!”  You kind of scratch your head, but decide to go back anyway.  Joe-Bob greets you with a smile on his face.  He says, “Hey, don’t worry about the acne.  I read on the internet that isotretinion clears it right up!”  Little does Joe-Bob know that this drug is known to cause birth defects.  Since you’re pregnant, that’s kind of a big deal. Continue reading

Aside from my consistent reading about health and fitness, I’m also a major economics, psychology, philosophy, cosmology and theology junkie.  I just enjoy thinking about things.

I think that in all of these subjects, one issue comes up repeatedly.  This issue is embracing reality.

For some reason, we have a strong propensity to attempt to create our own reality.  We develop an idea of how we believe something should be and then we develop our ideas based upon what we believe should exist.

For example, later in high school and in early college, I believed that the Christian church should look like the one in Acts.  As a result of that belief, I neglected reality and chose to attempt to create my own reality wherein the church in Acts exists in the current.  In this skewed viewpoint, I thought it was intelligent to pursue God’s will how the apostles in the the book of Acts often did…. through casting lots, prophecies, dreams, and visions. Continue reading