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Well, a lot has changed since I posted on this blog last.  Initially the change was relatively small.  I moved to blogging through and sought to blow the blog up into something more noteworthy.  All I ended up doing was accidentally losing the followers I had and wasting all the effort I put into all of these posts.  Oh, and I wrote an ebook.  It didn’t sell very well, but I still stand by its content as far as it concerns the majority of people (it’s not good for athletes, but if you want to be healthy and fit with the least amount of time input, it’s likely for you).

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I wrote a guest post for FT Gets Results today.  Essentially, FT Gets Results is a string of fitness studios.  I’m very particular about who I support, so I spent about an hour scouring through all of the different FT Gets Results websites to see how legitimate they are.  I was pleased to see they actually employ qualified trainers rather than trainers with frivolous “certifications”.  They have a good blog coming along as well, so they’re worth a look.

Here’s the link to the Skinny Fat article I wrote for them.

A New Direction

I sorted through the Top 50 Social Media Fitness Bloggers today.  The plan was to figure out what similarities I could find based on several categories about their education, the length of each writing, their writing frequency, and what type of information they included in the writing.

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Biking in South Florida can be treacherous.  Especially when you live in Boca Raton.  However, if you choose to or have to, here’s a little information on how to be prepared based on my last month or so of biking. Continue reading

This is amazing because it shows how our culture’s “ideal bodies” are often the result of graphics design finesse rather than solely diet and exercise.

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Transformation 1:  Fergie

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Questions? Comments?


We’d love to hear any feedback anyone has.  Although Lisa’s main focus is “Beautifully Built”, and Tyler is currently focused on military personnel (and still thinking up a snazzy title), we want to be at least somewhat pertinent to everyone.  We all have bodies, and the same major health and fitness principles apply to everyone.

Anyway, we want to be relevant, and we’d appreciate any questions or comments our readers have on how to do that.  Thanks!

-Tyler and Lisa

Welcome to our site!

Unfortunately, we just got this site up, and we haven’t had time to add content yet.  We’ll be working on it, and we should have something worthwhile here within a couple days.  Y’all come back now, ya hear?  🙂