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Who’s Who Among Health & Fitness Experts

The General Idea

1.  Why You Should Lift Weights
2.  How to Lift Weights
3.  How to Do Cardio (coming soon)
4.  How to Eat For a Happy, Healthy Life (coming soon)
5.  How to Set Goals Effectively (coming soon)

What is “Skinny Fat”?

Can You Be Skinny AND Fat?
How to Lose Fat Permanently

 Sample Programs

Your Gym = Your Body (coming soon)
Building Feminine Strength (coming soon)
Maintaining Activities of Daily Living (coming soon)
Creating the Ultimate Weapons Platform (coming soon)
Tyler’s Spin on Layne Norton’s PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training)  (coming soon)

The Best of TLBFlow Thus Far

A Husband’s View on Feminine Strength
And I Was Running
Professor Patton’s FREE Nutrition Resources

The Simplified Science of How to Be Healthy

1. Who To Listen To
2.  Purposes of Resistance Exercise
3.  How to Resistance Train
4.  Cardiovascular Training
5. Nutrition
6.  Goal-Setting
7.  Application 

Other Organizations We Support

1.  Fitness Institute International
2.  National Strength and Conditioning Association
3.  American College of Sports Medicine
4.  Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics