Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing creatine use.  Personally, I use it and I think it’s safe as long as you’re smart about it.  However, I know that a couple of my teachers would be shaking their heads at me right now because they won’t endorse it until long-term research comes out.  With that in mind, please take it at your own risk.


Creatine is a supplement that gets a lot of attention these days, and it’s really no wonder why.  It actually works.  Surprise!

Also, upon further research, we’ve found that it’s a fairly safe supplement.  At least, that’s what we’ve found so far based upon short-term studies.  We don’t have research yet on the long-term effects.  However, if they do turn up to be negative, it’s likely to be because somebody took too much and stressed their kidneys even further by not drinking enough water to help the kidneys do their job.

Before you even think about taking creatine, you should be sure to plan to drink some extra water with it.  How much water do you need?  Well, under ordinary circumstances, nutrition textbooks say to get 1mL per calorie you eat.  If you’re eating 2,500 calories a day, then you need 2.5 liters.  Add another half or full liter (2 to 4 cups) of water, and you should be fine. Continue reading