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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t be either.

There is a recurring pattern that I find in my life, and it’s that I expect a lot out of myself in a little amount of time.  I know this is the current theme in our culture where we want something, and we want it now.  I take this concept and apply it to myself.  When I’m learning how to draw, if I don’t get it on the first picture, then I figure I’ll never get it.  If I make a mistake at my job (I’m a physical therapy assistant), then I feel like I know nothing about what I do (even though I was the top of my class).  I expect to do everything perfectly the first time and give myself no room for error.  The main thing I forget is that things take time. Continue reading



Often, when looking around me, I find I am surrounded by a world that is consumed with technology.  I am by no means against technology and just like everything else, I think it has its place.  What I miss are the days when I don’t have to let everyone know exactly where I am every second of the day and I don’t have to have my cell phone glued to my side in case I might miss a call… oh my.  Even when we’re in conversations or at work, the cell phone goes off and we have to give an immediate response to the text or answer the phone call otherwise the world might end, right?  If you think back, there was a time when the cell phone didn’t exist and everything was ok.  You could only get ahold of someone if they were home, which was more often than now a days.  I don’t exactly want to be back in that time because I do like my cell phone, but I wish it was more common to just unplug. Continue reading

While watching The Biggest Loser and Fat Chefs, I made a fairly obvious observation with not-so-obvious implications.  Although I’m sometimes not too excited about the extreme measures these shows use (like yelling at people while they do stationary bike intervals until they fall off from exhaustion).  Often, these people don’t know what their weight is until the trainer asks them to get on the scale.

Why on earth wouldn’t these people want to know what their weight is?  The truth hurts.  Sometimes, it hurts really bad.  We all mess up and have to pay for those failures/setbacks.  However, the worst thing we can possibly do is ignore the truth.  It is our compass in all things.  If truth becomes your enemy, then you’re on the wrong side of the war. Continue reading

Every person needs to learn to appreciate themselves.  I think this is something women need to learn more than most.  We are more likely to focus on the mistakes we make throughout the day instead of all of the great things we accomplish.  We tend to focus on the things we would like to change about ourselves rather than our great qualities and characteristics.  It’s like we have grown up with this skewed view in life, like we put on the perfection glasses and all we can see is what’s wrong or what we need to change.  It’s time to take off those glasses and see life through a new lens. Continue reading

Creating Long-term Change

Sadly, this is something that I (Tyler) am currently terrible at creating in others.  I’m a pretty logical person who will try to convince others of things through rational deduction.  Even then, I’m still pretty hands-off because I never want to force anyone to do something.  I want their choices to be their own.

I’m realizing a few things: Continue reading


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One thing that has fascinated me about people is our tendency to be extremely ethnocentric.  So, the concept that we’ll do a lot of things just to fit in.  Not only will we do a lot of things, we will believe a lot of things that our reasoning would disagree with.  Well, if we ever let those ideas come to conscious thought.

I don’t think that people as a whole actually pursue truth.  Feel free to disagree, but I think that people almost always seek acceptance rather than reality.  If everyone else is picking their nose and rubbing their stomach, I think that most of us would follow the same ridiculous action.  That is, if we were the only one not doing it. Continue reading