Since Fitness Institute International is a little-known vocational school, here’s a little information about it.


1.   There is a 100% CPTS (Fitness Institute’s certification) graduate pass-rate on NSCA and ACSM exams.


2.   Dr. Anthony Abbott is an Exercise Science doctorate and has lead Fitness Institute for over 32 years.

Juan Carlos Santana has his Exercise Science master’s degree and is owner of Institute of Human Performance.

Mark Rosenberg is a medical doctor.

Richard Patton is a dietitian with a master’s degree in Public Health who also teaches at Miami Dade College.

Michael Ashley is a drug-free former Mr. Universe and is owner of Say Fitness.


3.   You learn directly from these individuals rather than through any teacher’s assistants.


4.   It costs around $3,600 total.  And considering that that amount of money is able to provide you with the knowledge to pass the same certifications that four-year Exercise Science programs prepare their students for, it’s extremely cost-effective.


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