Here are a few things my clients have to say about me:

“As a physical therapy aide, Lisa understands that it takes time to gain flexibility and strength.  Unlike most trainers she doesn’t belittle you when you say you can’t do an exercise because it is causing pain.  She adapts the exercise to your needs.  Lisa is able to pinpoint the areas that you need to work on and has you do exercises that seem like you aren’t even working out.  She always asks if it hurts and always follows up at the next workout to see how the last one went. Unlike other trainers Lisa wants you to succeed without any pain and enjoy working out.  I now have a list of exercises for my upper body, mid-section and legs that I can mix and match so I am always changing my workout and it doesn’t get boring.  Now I do not need to ask someone to put a 25 pound bag of cat litter into my shopping cart I can do it myself without any pain.  Thanks Lisa!!!”

“Dear Lisa,   

I want to thank you for the care and concern that you showed us while you were our Personal Trainer these last few  years. 
 Your  expertise was important to  our well being as you were able to design programs for each of us personally.  You took into consideration our weaknesses as they arose and made sure that we stayed strong.
 Your training as a Physical Therapy aide was a great benefit to Greg with his shoulder injury.  You helped me rebuild his physique after 2 surgeries and years of pain.  You helped me after brain surgery to recover muscle and balance.  And, rather quickly.
 Your advice was always good and you sometimes gave us homework when we needed it.  We really appreciate your empathy as well as your sternness.  You paid close attention to details of posture and form.
 And, may I add that  with your sweet disposition, it was always a pleasure to see you for each session. Like a breath of fresh air.
South Florida will miss you, and your new state is lucky to have you. You come highly recommended from Greg and myself.”

 “Lisa has been my trainer for a few years.  She has made a tremendous difference in my life as well as my husband’s.  Lisa’s training has given us much more flexibility and added strength and has imparted a feeling of general well-being.  We feel Lisa is now a part of our family.”