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Well, a lot has changed since I posted on this blog last.  Initially the change was relatively small.  I moved to blogging through and sought to blow the blog up into something more noteworthy.  All I ended up doing was accidentally losing the followers I had and wasting all the effort I put into all of these posts.  Oh, and I wrote an ebook.  It didn’t sell very well, but I still stand by its content as far as it concerns the majority of people (it’s not good for athletes, but if you want to be healthy and fit with the least amount of time input, it’s likely for you).

So, with that plug out of the way, here come the major changes.

1.  Tyler dropped out of writing full-time in order to go back to school for Biomedical Engineering.

2.  Tyler developed an auto-immune disease called “Addison’s Disease” in April 2013.  Essentially, I can’t produce my own cortisol and aldosterone.  This is a big deal because without those hormones, I can’t regulate my own blood sodium or blood glucose very well.  Without treatment, I would go into seizures and die.  Thankfully, the treatment is simply taking pills, but I have to take these the rest of my life because the damage to my body is irreparable by current science.

Addison’s Disease has only been treatable for the last 150 years, and for the first 50 of those 150, it was treatable by grinding up cow or pig adrenal glands and somehow getting those in the body.  Interestingly, only 1 in 100,000 people has Addison’s Disease.  I suppose I’m special.  🙂

3.  Because of my diagnosis, we decided to move back to Missouri in order to be closer to our family support system.  I have a 40-50% chance of developing another autoimmune disease, and I’d like Lisa to have a lot of people to help her out if I end up being hospitalized again.

4.  Lisa will be going to Physical Therapy Assistant school in Spring 2014.  There was no down side to her going back to school (even if she ends up focusing on personal training in the future), so she elected to go for it.  She’s psyched.

5.  I intend to update this blog more because I certainly enjoy writing.  Unfortunately, right now Calculus and Physics are dominating my time, and any updates will be fairly sporadic.  Weekly updates should be attainable, though.

Anyway, I hope this update finds you all well.