The heat and humidity this morning was the most oppressive it has ever been for me here in South Florida.  It didn’t change my workout much, but it reminded me of days back in Missouri where I used to go out to the soccer fields near my house and run sprints in the middle of the day with close to 100 degree temperatures and high humidity.  Good times, good times.

Also, the lady I thought took a picture of me last week was out again.  She smoked for about three minutes and went inside.  Once again, she refused to look at me.  Weirdo.  🙂

1.  Warm-up

2.  Speed/agility ladder drill going straight forward:

I focused on high knees and rapid leg movement.  Once again, I just used my handy-dandy sidewalk chalk to draw a series of 10 lines with 18 inches in between each.  I did five circuits of going through as fast as possible once followed by doing two slower practices.  So, all in all, I did it fifteen times, but ten of those were slow and form-focused.

3.  Speed/agility ladder drill going side-to-side (with the beloved carioca steps):

I decided to use the 1:2  fast-to-practice ratio again on this.  I went through it a total of 30 times.  20 of those were slower, practice steps and 10 of those were as fast as possible.

4.  Interval sprints for 20 minutes:

I used my standard 30, 60, and 90-yard marks again.  It was all well and good until around 15 minutes in.  My hamstring that has been occasionally giving me grief acted up again.  All of the sudden, I felt a fairly sharp pain in there, so I just walked for the last five minutes.  I’m not going to take any risks.

Since this whole hamstring thing has been a source of annoyance, I’ve decided to take another step backwards on the intensity of the running.  At first, I started out running at 100% for all of my sprints.  My hamstring got irritated, and I adapted by going to 90% for first four minutes as a warm-up.  Then, I would hit it hard until my hamstring let me know it was starting to sputter out, and I’d drop down to around 80% of max speed.

Now, I’m just going to split the 20 minutes into five different 4-minute segments.  The first four minutes will be at 70% of max speed.  The next four minutes after that will be at 80%.  The next four minutes after that will be at 90%.  The next four minutes after that will be at 80%.  And the last four minutes will be at 70%.  It’s a little pyramid set-up to get my hamstring to stop whining.  Hopefully it works.

5.  Cool-down

6.  Eat carbs

Notes:  I thoroughly enjoyed the agility ladder work.  It felt great.

My main problem is just getting my right hamstring to be able to handle sprinting.  It may be a strength imbalance between the quads and hamstrings, and I’m working to correct that through both single-legged and two-legged Romanian (stiff-legged) deadlifts.

Regardless, plans have been formulated and are being acted upon.  If all goes well, I’ll be sprinting hamstring-issue free in a few months.