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The reasons they’re very likely to be your best resources for nutrition information:

1.  He has been a Registered Dietitian since 1980.

2.  He’s the main nutrition teacher at Fitness Institute International.

3.  He teaches Nutrition classes at Miami Dade College. Continue reading

Gluten-free, lactose-free pizza 🙂

This is something Lisa came up with.  First, we made them gluten-free because both of us are gluten intolerant.  I know it sounds crazy to some people, but we have both experimented with it.  We both took a couple weeks off of eating wheat products, then we tried eating them again.  After eating them again, we felt terrible within thirty minutes.  We’re not 100% sure of the gluten being the causal factor, but it seems to be a plausible conclusion.  We’ve tried it a couple other times with the same results.  Because of that, we avoid it.

Why lactose-free?  Because Tyler inherited some lousy levels of lactase (the enzyme that digests lactose) from his dad.

On the bright side, despite our funky food intolerances, we made some great pizza.  Lisa was the mastermind behind it.  🙂 Continue reading

Our body doesn’t store many carbohydrates.  In fact, you only have something like 100 grams of them in your liver and 300 grams of them in your muscles whenever your carbohydrate stores are full.

If you exercise for a while, you’re going to deplete a lot of those carbohydrate stores.  In addition to that, when you resistance train you create small levels of “micro-trauma” in the muscle fibers themselves.  As a result of those two facts, at the end of your workout you’re somewhat carbohydrate depleted, and you have some muscle fibers that need repair.  You need to eat carbohydrates and protein to fix these two problems. Continue reading


I had never heard of this up until a couple days ago.  I talked with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a little while, and he told me that he had spent the last three days in the hospital with his wife.  She had to have surgery to get a wire grill brush bristle removed.  It was stuck in her digestive tract and causing a lot of pain. Continue reading

The Final Product = Remarkably Tasty

Well, if you know me and Lisa, you know that we’re pretty simple people.  We’re not huge fans of extravagance (due partially to our moral beliefs and partially to personal taste).  Regardless, “bruschetta” chicken sounds fancy, but it’s really simple to make. Continue reading

Statistically, two-thirds of Americans are overweight and one-third are obese.  Our pets are catching on to the trend as well.  According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, half of American pets are now overweight or obese.  This has led to dramatic increases in diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis among our feline and canine companions.

It seems that if dogs are truly man’s best friend, we’re not treating Fido very well in return for his undying loyalty.  The owner is in direct control over the pet’s food intake, and some pets are getting to the point where they have to be put to sleep out of mercy.  Mercy because the pet is no longer able to move.  Their immense weight has disabled their body from functioning anymore. Continue reading


This has become our go-to dinner when we have time to hang out and cook together.  It’s awesome, and you should try it. Continue reading

I grew up in a Christian culture where most people would say some sort of prayer like this before eating.  But at the same time, I grew up in a culture that prized fried food and dessert.  While I love my family and a lot of aspects of Midwestern culture, it made me think about the disconnect between what we were asking God to do for us and what we were actually doing.

In some ways, we were a lot like the college freshman who played World of Warcraft for the entire semester and then asks God to help him with his final tests.  That freshman isn’t taking responsibility for his own actions.  Instead, he asks God to override his irresponsibility with divine power. Continue reading

I chose the title because I’ve heard people called “skinny fat” before.  When someone is called “skinny fat”, it means they don’t have any muscle tone even though they weigh less than most people on the scale.  Frankly, I’ve thought that the concept was pretty abrasive, and I haven’t used it to describe anyone.  But at the same time, it fairly accurately describes a lot of people who don’t weigh very much but still don’t look very healthy.

The cause of being “skinny fat” is focusing on total weight loss.  Because of this, people will restrict their food as much as they can to lose total weight.  The problem is that when they do this, they lose both muscle and fat.  This doesn’t sound horrible until you think more about it.







Three main factors:

1.  A pound of muscle burns 35 to 50 calories per day (even at rest).

2.  Weight loss from restricting calories without exercising can result in up to half of that weight loss being muscle loss.

3.  Once you stop restricting your calories, your body is extremely likely to go back to its original weight.

What does that look like in real life?  Let’s take an example of a statistically average American woman who decides to lose weight by cutting a lot of calories without exercising. Continue reading

In the fitness realm, a lot of people ask about exercises and programs, but the question most people are curious about is diet.  I’m sorry to say that a lot of the fad diets out there don’t really work and most are just out to get your money.  When giving nutrition advice, I like to focus on eating more fruits and vegetables.  Think of the colors of the food.  The colors of the food are the paints in which you are painting your life. Continue reading

We found this article on a website we read.  It’s some expert opinion on whether or not a plant-based diet can be healthy.

If you’re currently a vegetarian or are considering becoming one, you should check this out in order to make sure you understand the issues involved.