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If his transverse abdominus doesn't activate quickly enough when catching this punt, he could end up with some major low back pain

Building a strong core is important because the core has to stabilize the spine.  If the spine isn’t supported, then we are extremely limited in what movements we can do.  Just ask anybody with low back pain.

A strong core largely comes from motor control.  A lot of people who have low back pain have a dysfunctional transverse abdominus (TA).  The TA is extremely important to spinal stabilization because it acts like your body’s own weight belt.  Often, the problems of low back pain result from the TA taking too long to activate.  In a normal person, the TA should activate first to stabilize the spine before any type of movement is initiated.  In a lot of people with low back pain, their other muscles will react first and the TA will activate too late to protect the spine.  As a result, your spine won’t have the stability that it needs, and you will get hurt. Continue reading


Exercises to Prevent Falls

Earlier, I wrote an article called Exercise for Older Adults 101.  In it, I talked about the importance of single-legged stability/balance.  I found this today and had to share it for the sake of my grandparents.  I love you guys.


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BOSU Responsibly

This is something I try to remain respectful of largely due to the extreme popularity of BOSU balls.  For whatever reason, it seems like most personal trainers have a love affair with this workout tool.  Today, I watched a trainer have his sixty year old clients jump from one BOSU ball to another that was about four feet away.  Seems like a good way to permanently injure someone to me.  My framework of thought makes me want to avoid them because they don’t train normal human movement.

BOSU balls are designed to be used for increasing joint stability, proprioception, and largely core stability.  So, that is their purpose.  No more and no less.  The problem comes when people start using them excessively or in dangerous manners. Continue reading