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Well, 25 sets of ten reps later, I can feel the soreness coming tomorrow.  At the same time, it felt good to get out some of my frustration at recently losing muscle mass.

The decision to do this was largely based on a recent article in one of the journals that we receive from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  My NSCA certified friends may have read it.   Basically, a couple Exercise Science PhDs from Taiwan wrote about how to create muscle growth.  While sharing everything they said in its entirety is beyond the scope of this blog, they proposed a new theory on how muscle grows. Continue reading


I worked out today, and it felt great.  However, it’s hard for me to celebrate because Lisa tested my body fat yesterday, and we found out that I lost two pounds of muscle mass.  I lost two pounds of muscle the previous month, too.  So, I’m four pounds of muscle less than I was two months ago.  Great.  Everything I preach about health and fitness involves gaining muscle mass, but I’m here losing it. Continue reading