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A New Direction

I sorted through the Top 50 Social Media Fitness Bloggers today.  The plan was to figure out what similarities I could find based on several categories about their education, the length of each writing, their writing frequency, and what type of information they included in the writing.

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For the last two months, I’ve been experimenting with full-body workouts.  I mainly did so because it makes so much sense.  We rarely use the body just one part at a time, so it makes sense to me that working out the whole body at once would be the best way to exercise.  That still sounds rational to me, and someday I’ll probably try it again but have it slightly modified.

But as for now, I’m going back to what I know has worked for me in the past.  In all honesty, I’m fairly irritated at losing muscle mass, so this change is largely the product of frustration. Continue reading