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Get Abs By Not Working Abs?

Marianne Kane from http://www.myomytv.com/

It seems like each time I walk into the gym, I see people doing ab exercises.  Situps, crunches, hanging leg raises, etc.  Obviously, a good set of abdominal muscles is extremely important to our self-image since that’s what all of the fitness magazine models have.  We all seem to want to look like Marianne Kane or Greg Plitt, but how do we do that?  And why don’t our ten sets of crunches seem to be working?  It makes sense that if you want a more defined arm, you work out arms.  So, if you want a six pack, you should do a lot of ab exercises, right?

Well, the interesting thing is that working out abs directly without making the rest of the body a greater focus is counter-productive to actually getting abs.  The idea that working out a specific body part results in losing fat on that specific body part is physiologically impossible.  The body loses and gains fat as an entire body system.  Fat is simply energy storage, and your body has evenly distributed out its energy storage reserves.  You can do thousands of sit ups, but you won’t lose any more fat there than on your hips, thighs, and buttocks. Continue reading


The Sin of Yo-Yo Dieting

One of the cardinal sins of health and fitness is yo-yo dieting.  It destroys your health.

Yo-yo dieting is a repeated cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain.  At first, this doesn’t appear all that bad.  So, somebody went from 200lbs to 150lbs and back to 200lbs.  Who cares?  Yeah, they’re back where they started, but at least they’re not worse off now!

Unfortunately, they are worse off now.  The body can be a difficult machine to master.  Since your body is entirely concerned with survival and not very concerned about your figure, it doesn’t get along with the yo-yo dieting concept.  Consider the following example:

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2012 Long-Term Physique Goal

Steve Cook. IFBB Men's Physique Competitor

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what the heck my goals are.  For my next long-term goal, I want to look like this guy:

He’s 6’1”, and he weighed 205lbs with 4% bodyfat when the picture of him was taken that I thought was awesome.  Frankly, I don’t want to be 4% body fat.  I’ve gotten down to 4.8%, and it’s not much fun.  Now, I want to figure out how his lean body mass compares to mine adjusted for our height difference.

First, I need to adjust for his height since I’m only 5’10”.  I need to account for the weight of three extra inches.  From what I’ve read, there’s no clear way to determine exactly how much weight each inch should account for.  I’ve heard anywhere from 5lbs to 10lbs.  I’ll go with the conservative aim of 5lbs.

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