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Today was finally a cardio day (or at least as cardio as I currently get).  I’ve scaled these back a little to make room for the more muscle-gain intensive workouts.  I’m tracking my resting heart rate to see just how little cardio I can get away with.  It keeps Lisa from getting worried if my heart rate stays below 60 beats per minute.  I was at 53 on Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, here are the plyometrics and running I did.  Also, I had a pretty spiffy revelation about plyometrics for people with ACL injuries (John, I mean you.  🙂  ) Continue reading


I found this article while researching the importance of health clubs having an AED(Automated External Defibrillator).  Essentially, the risk of a heart attack is higher during exercise, and gyms should be prepared for such an event.  Unfortunately, only 3% actually are prepared to revive you in the chance that you have a heart attack.

So, if you have a history of heart problems, are elderly, or are interested in taking every precaution to protect yourself, you should ask your gym owner if they have an AED.  If they do, it should be obvious with a sign over it.  If they don’t, then you may want to take your business elsewhere.

When Exercise Turns Deadly