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The reasons they’re very likely to be your best resources for nutrition information:

1.  He has been a Registered Dietitian since 1980.

2.  He’s the main nutrition teacher at Fitness Institute International.

3.  He teaches Nutrition classes at Miami Dade College. Continue reading


Hypothetical scenario:

You’re pregnant, and you have acne.  You go to your doctor’s office, wait a little bit, and the nurse comes out, “Registered Dietitian Joe-Bob is ready to see you!”  You kind of scratch your head, but decide to go back anyway.  Joe-Bob greets you with a smile on his face.  He says, “Hey, don’t worry about the acne.  I read on the internet that isotretinion clears it right up!”  Little does Joe-Bob know that this drug is known to cause birth defects.  Since you’re pregnant, that’s kind of a big deal. Continue reading