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Because of Lisa’s past, one of her greatest passions is the mission of “Beautifully Built”.  While she enjoys helping all kinds of people, this project is probably the nearest to her heart.

It’s significant enough to us that it will have its own tab at the top of our website from now on.  The following is the beginning of “Beautifully Built”:
(or you can see the actual page here: Beautifully Built Page)


What being Beautifully Built is all about…

Beautifully Built is just for women.  It’s about redefining what beautiful means, what beauty looks like, and how beauty acts. Beautifully Built is not just about being beautiful on the outside, which is a skewed idea in this world anyway, but it is about being beautiful on the inside. It is about having confidence in yourself, being comfortable with who you are, what you believe, and what your abilities are.  It is about building strength in your mind and soul. It is also about building a strong body, where you can feel comfortable in your skin.

I believe that building strength on the outside helps you build strength on the inside.  In the past I personally dealt with an eating disorder and even as I was gaining weight and getting better, I still felt weak and had no confidence in myself.  As I began to lift weights and build a stronger body, which also helped me get healthier, I began to carry myself a little differently.  I was walking taller and felt like I could voice my opinion. I felt as though my thoughts actually mattered and that I actually mattered. My confidence began to grow.

Even though I have accomplished a lot of hard things academically, I never felt like they added up to anything, but weight lifting has given me something I can’t seem to explain.  That is what I want to pass on to other women.  I want to redefine what being beautiful is and what it means to feel beautiful. I want this to be a place where women can come together to share struggles and build each other up.  I want it to be a place of truth and unity. I want to give women confidence, I want them to feel powerful and strong, inside and out.


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What’s Tha Word (What’s Tha Word?) asked Lisa to submit some potential content for their website.  Thankfully, they liked the article Lisa sent and posted it.  They put it up in two parts:

Part 1:  Women and Strength Training by Fitness Professional Lisa Brown

Part 2:  Exercises for Beginners: Correct Form and Weight

Nice work, Lisa!  🙂  Hopefully this is the first of many as Lisa pushes the “Beautifully Built” message.  We’ll be adding a page for Beautifully Built on our website as well.  It will be devoted to teaching the art of finding femininity through strength.

A couple days ago a man came up to me and told me that I should have Lisa stop lifting weights because she is getting too strong.  I thought he was messing around because I have recently been beaming with pride as I’ve watched Lisa do heavier power and strength lifts.

Well, he wasn’t kidding.  He said it wasn’t attractive.  I have no idea why he let me know that.  I can’t remember ever asking for his opinion on whether Lisa is attractive or not, and I don’t think any other guy will hear me ask them such a preposterous question.  Of course she’s attractive.  She’s drop-dead gorgeous.

Although this guy made these remarks, he’s still a nice guy.  I like having him around, and I like seeing him.  I just think that his thoughts allude to a deeper issue in society.  This issue is what it means to be feminine. Continue reading


Everyone should have a “biggest cheerleader” in their life.  Having a support group is known to bring about the greatest success.  That is why weight watchers is so successful.  It’s not because they have the best diet or the most science, but because they have the greatest support group system.

I’m so blessed to have quite a few cheerleaders in my life.  One of the biggest and daily cheerleader is my husband.  He has encouraged me from the day we met.  He sings songs about me, always tells me how smart I am, tells me I’m beautiful, encourages me in every idea that I throw out.  He is the ideal cheerleader and I hope that everyone in the world has a cheerleader as great as mine.

I wish that everyone could have such a perfect person to cheer them on, but what I wish for more is that you were your ideal cheerleader, your biggest fan.  I wish that you would think the world of yourself and value your thoughts and opinions.  I want you to think of great adjectives to describe yourself and to call yourself beautiful, inside and out.  Reality is, we should be our biggest fans.  There is always going to be that person out there that is going to encourage you when you need it and say the words you need to hear, but you need to hear and believe them from yourself.  Have some confidence.  Do things others think you can’t.  Take the route less taken.  Be ambitious.  Why not?  Failure is only a perception.  It’s only failure when you believe it is such and give up. Continue reading