For the last three weeks, I’ve been refining my own version of Layne Norton‘s PHAT (Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training) lifting methodology.  Essentially, it has you doing two days of heavy (around 5 rep) lifting and then three days of hypertrophy (around 10-15 rep) lifting per week.

My only tweaks were to make it slightly more applicable to real-life movements and put a stronger emphasis on single-legged movements.  Also, I’m not a fan of 15-20 rep sets, so I try not to go over 14.  I’ll do a later write-up explaining this in more detail.

The results from the last three weeks?  0.38lbs of muscle gain and 1.78lbs of fat loss.  At least that’s what the 7-site body fat caliper protocol says.

Hypertrophy Legs

1.  Warm-up

2.  Barbell Front Squats
Goal:  175 x 8.
Actual:  175 x 9.  175 x 5.  155 x 9.

3.  Barbell Back Squats
Goal:  205 x 8.
Actual:  205 x 10.  205 x 9.  205 x 9.

4.  Barbell Romanian Deadlifts (aka “Stiff-legged” Deadlifts)
Goal:  195 x 8.
Actual:  195 x 12.  205 x 10.  205 x 8.

5.  Single-legged Dumbbell Carry Rear-Foot-Elevated Squats
Goal:  45s x 9.
Actual:  45s x 9.  45s x 8.  40s x 8.

6.  Single-legged Dumbbell Rack Rear-Foot-Elevated Squats 
Goal:  35s x 8.
Actual:  35s x 10.  35s x 9.  35s x 6.

7.  Single-legged Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts
Goal:  10s x 12.
Actual:  10s x 12.  15s x 8.  15s x 8.

8.  FST-7 Front Squats (seven sets of 10 reps with 50 seconds in between each set)
Goal:  120 for the first three sets, then drop
Actual:  120 x 10.  120 x 10.  120 x 10.  120 x 10.  120 x 8.  115 x 10.  115 x 10.

9.  FST-7 Smith Machine Calf Raises (I stood on top of two stacks of two 25lb plates so that I could get more of a calf stretch.  I had 2 plates under my left foot and two under my right.)
Goal:  80 for all seven sets
Actual:  80 (40 on each side, and the bar doesn’t weigh much) x 10.  80 x 10.  80 x 10.  80 x 10.  80 x 10.  80 x 10.  80 x 10.

10.  Cool-Down

11.  Eat some carbs


Another day in the books.  I’m excited to try this out for four weeks.  I’ve done the program a couple times in the past, but I’ve never put in these new tweaks.  I’ll be gaining a pound of bodyweight each week.  How much of that is fat vs. muscle is up to the efficacy of the program.