The reasons they’re very likely to be your best resources for nutrition information:

1.  He has been a Registered Dietitian since 1980.

2.  He’s the main nutrition teacher at Fitness Institute International.

3.  He teaches Nutrition classes at Miami Dade College.



The resources he has to offer:

Although he has a ton of resources on his website, our favorite are these:

1.  “Behave Yourself” is a Word document that you can download from Professor Patton’s Weight Management Page.  It’s a Nutrition and Weight Management Workbook.

2.  For those of you who are more fitness-minded, he has provided the Powerpoints from his class’s “14. Fitness” section.

3.  If those two resources aren’t enough, he has a plethora of other powerpoints, text outlines, and links to videos.



We also have our own nutrition write-ups, but Patton has been doing this much longer than we have…  And he’s the one with the Registered Dietitian credential.  All we do is read and share information from Patton’s work, a couple General Nutrition textbooks, and a Sports Nutrition textbook.  🙂