Lifting weights is a source of empowerment.
Photo credit to Larry Lyday.

Weight lifting is NOT just to look good!

That’s one of the biggest myths that float around the American health and fitness scene.  I’ve even heard trainers say it.

Weight lifting is far more about creating long-term enjoyment of life.  It’s a major player in preventing diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and osteoporosis.  It’s also a massive factor in how long you will be able to maintain your independence as you age.

Lastly, yes.  A strong physique is an attractive physique.  It’s a huge plus, but it’s not the main reason you should be lifting weights.  Your health and fitness are the main reasons you should be lifting.



There are two major purposes of weight lifting.


1.  To increase your metabolism

2.  To make activities of daily living easier


Both are vital, and they largely overlap.  However, it’s smart to focus on whichever one you actually need more.



Weight Lifting Builds Your Metabolism


1.  As you age without weight lifting, your metabolism will get slower.

2.  If you go on a diet by only restricting food, your metabolism will get slower.

3.  Weight lifting builds muscle mass.

4.  Muscle mass increases your metabolism by 35-50 calories per day per pound of muscle gained.



Weight Lifting Makes Activities of Daily Living Easier

1.  As you age without exercise, your ability to do activities of daily living slowly diminishes.  This is very apparent when you become an older adult and things like doing the laundry or getting out of a car become difficult.

2.  In order to be able to live life to the fullest, your movement should be easy so that the body is not a hindrance in any endeavor.  Your body should empower you to be able to do everything from climb mountains to re-arrange furniture.  That is its design, and that is what will happen as a result of intelligent weight training.



A More In-Depth Look at the Subject for Nerds

I wrote about this a while ago.  Anyone can understand it, but you’ll have to put your thinking cap on.  🙂  Anyway, it’s called “The Purposes of Resistance Exercise”.