This came to my attention from a fellow blogger.  I’d never heard of this company before, and I’m not in a position to attack their character.  They may be nice guys with good intentions.  However, the science behind what they claim to be a “breakthrough” is no breakthrough at all.  Dietitians have understood this for a very long time.

Essentially, they have created a new sports drink that is starch based.  I’m cool with that.  I’m all for people eating more starch and less sugar.  Starch takes more time to digest and therefore makes a less significant impact on your blood sugar levels.  However, my point of contention is that their marketing/science is deceptive.  You could save your money and just eat some rice, beans, corn, or any other starch.  Scientifically, you’d get the same amount of benefit.

First off, what is it?  It’s just “modified corn starch“.  It’s not harmful, but it’s not new.

However, their study that “proves” its value is very misleading. Essentially, all they did was measure the body’s insulin response to sugar (maltodextrin is a sugar, and it’s actually the one that spikes blood sugar the most… even more than table sugar) vs. starch (their “Superstarch”).

This is misleading because any type of sugar is going to make blood sugar spike more than any type of starch. That’s just a fact of biochemistry because starches are long chains of sugars. The reason starches take longer to spike your blood sugar is because the body has to take the time to break them down into sugars.

So essentially they could have used any type of sugar or any type of starch and had the same findings. Instead of “Superstarch”, they could have used potatoes, rice, or any other type of vegetable or whole grain. They would have had the same results.

Really, all they did was prove the Glycemic Index and the fact that some carbohydrates are digested faster than others.

In conclusion, if you need a source of liquid starch, then this is your ticket.  Go buy it.  However, be sure to realize that it’s not magic.  A starch is a starch is a starch.  When starches are digested, they are broken down into monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, or galactose), and when they’re squirted into your small intestine, your body can’t tell where they came from.  They’re simply a monosaccharide now.  There’s no “glucose from rice” or “glucose from Superstarch”.  There is only “glucose”, and your body will use it the same way regardless of its source.