I had never heard of this up until a couple days ago.  I talked with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a little while, and he told me that he had spent the last three days in the hospital with his wife.  She had to have surgery to get a wire grill brush bristle removed.  It was stuck in her digestive tract and causing a lot of pain.

Apparently the wire bristles can break off when you scrape the grill.  They then sit on the grill and get stuck on the food you’re cooking.  If you’re not watching extremely closely, then it can somehow slip into your food.  I don’t know all the details behind how someone can cook, chew, and swallow food with a wire bristle in it.  However, I know that it has happened to several people, and it makes sense to prepare accordingly because it can happen.

How do you prepare accordingly?  The doctor in the video says that he still uses the wire grill brush, but he then wipes the grill down with a wet paper towel.  From what I’ve found, that’s the best advice.  If you have found a new way to clean the grill without the potential of ingesting a wire, please let me know!