I added a few exercises to this.  I needed to put some dumbbells in there for a little variety.

1.  Warm-Up

2.  Barbell Bench Press
Goal:  275 x 5.
Actual:  275 x 5.  275 x 2.

2.  Barbell Pendlay Row (Row from the ground)
Goal:  185 x 4.
Actual:  185 x 5.  195 x 5.

3.  Seated Barbell Military Press
Goal:  170 x 3.
Actual:  170 x 5.  170 x 3.

4.  Chinups
Goal:  Bodyweight +90 x 5
Actual:  BW +90 x 4.  BW +90 x 3.

5.  Dumbbell Bench Press
Goal:  90s x 5.
Actual:  90s x 5.  95s x 6.

6.  Dumbbell Row
Goal:  110 x 5.
Actual:  110 x 5.  115 x 4.

7.  Seated Dumbbell Military Press 
Goal:  60s x 5.
Actual:  60s x 5.  65s x 6.

8.  Plyometric Single-Arm Push-Ups
Goal:  Hand on 4″ platform x 2
Actual:  Hand on ground x 1.  Hand on ground x 1.
(The aerobics class took the Reebok step I usually do my push-ups on.  I wasn’t able to clap on these ground ones, but I was able to break contact with the ground!  Huge step forward for me on that front.)

9.  Cool-down

10.  Eat carbs


I hit my goals on everything except the chinups.  It’s really nice to slowly be waking up again.  I’ve been really out of it recently.  In all honesty, this blogging thing is harder than I ever could have anticipated.  To compound the frustration of writing, commenting, and researching all day, I’ve shot myself in the foot recently by losing 4lbs of muscle.  I don’t do that ordinarily.  I’ve just been too distracted with other things to think much about my workouts.

Not anymore.  I wrote out an extensive list of lifting goals and how to get there incrementally over the next six months.  I’m going to accomplish every single one.

Anyway, it has been a good day.  I’ve had a reality check recently, but I’m slowly starting to just respond to it instead of being frustrated by it.

Also, a big thanks to Lisa for being so encouraging all of the time, Abbey from Whatsthaword for a little pep talk this morning, and John from StratConUsa for his thoughts on marketing.  You guys are all awesome!  (Especially Lisa  🙂  )

Lastly, if you haven’t seen this post yet, it’s a quick look back over my first ten years or so of health and fitness.  All the way back to when I started.