A nice day of progression.  However, I did sweat through my whole shirt.  Lol.  It just looked like it went from a lighter olive color to a darker olive color.  Gross?  Yes.  Somewhat awesome?  I like to think so.

1.  Warm-up

2.  Barbell Front Squats
Goal:  165 x 9
Actual:  165 x 10.  165 x 9.  165 x 7.

3.  Single-Legged DB Rear-Foot-Elevated Carry Position Squats
Goal:  40s x 11
Actual:  40s x 12.  40s x 10.  40s x 9.

4.  Single-Legged DB Rear-Foot-Elevated Rack Position Squats
Goal:  30s x 9.
Actual:  30s x 10.  30s x 9.  30s x 9.

5.  DB Single-Legged Romanian Deadlift
Goal:  10s x 9
Actual:  10s x 10.  10s x 8.  10s x 9.

6.  FST-7 (7 sets of 10 reps with 45 seconds in between each set) Barbell Front Squats
Goal:  105 for at least the first three sets
Actual:  105 x 10.  105 x 10.   105 x 10.   105 x 10.   105 x 10.   105 x 10.   105 x 10.

7.  Cool-Down

8.  Eat carbs


I progressed on everything.  That was really reassuring after getting stuck on my heavy days.  It seems like my body has been prioritizing the hypertrophy-type of work over strength.  That’s fine with me for a while since I’m currently trying to regain lost muscle mass.  Theoretically, after a few weeks of adaptation both heavy and hypertrophy lifts should be able to climb up together.

And those FST-7 sets are killer.  I always want to quit around set 4.  It’s a real gut-check.  That’s probably why it’s so fun.