Alright.  Following in the steps of a few prior awkward workouts, this one was equally strange.  However, my main goal is always to prevent future injury or rehab any current injuries.  I follow the Hippocratic Oath with the “First, do no harm” rule.

Given that I still have some very mild neck pain and mild tendonosis in my left wrist, my first priority is to alleviate those nagging pains.  It’s annoying, but I have to give it precedence over lifting more weight.  I’m a very long-term type of person.

1.  Warm-Up

2.  Barbell Bench Press
Goal:  275 x 6.
Actual:  275 x 4.  265 x 4.  255 x 4.

3.  Barbell Pendlay Row (pretty much a Barbell Row, but you do it from the ground.  It was a way for me to decrease the weight used to give my wrist a break)
Goal:  ? I haven’t done this heavy in a while.
Actual:  145 x 5.  165 x 5.  185 x 3.

4.  Seated Barbell Military Press
Goal:  165 x 3.
Actual:  165 x 5.  165 x 3.  155 x 5.

5.  Chinups
Goal:  Bodyweight + 90lbs x 5.
Actual:  BW + 90lbs x 4.  BW + 90lbs x 3.  BW + 90lbs x 3.

6.  Plyometric Single-Arm Pushups
Goal:  6″ box x 3
Actual:  6″ box x 3.  4″ box x 1.  4″ box x 1.

7.  Cool-Down

8.  Eat some carbs


Well, I had four goals.  I hit two, and I missed two.  Kinda standard.  However, what isn’t standard is a flippin’ 20lb decrease on bench press.  Man, I really got it handed to me.  I focused a lot more on my form on this in order to protect my neck, but I didn’t think it would have made me drop so much weight.

Everything else was pretty standard.  I probably could have done the 4″ box for two reps on the push ups, but I played it safe.  The neck was giving me minor warning signs.  However, my neck is thanking me now.  It has no pain.  🙂