Some plyometrics, shuttle-runs, and sprints.  Good times.  No gym involvement either.  However, there were a couple little old ladies walking to the thrift store that’s in the parking lot I run in.  They gave me funny looks.

1.  Warm-up

2.  Lateral Plyometric Jumps – I jumped side to side over my backpack.  These are definitely getting easier as I get the coordination down.  Ha.  Four sets of ten jumps.

3.  Shuttle-runs –  I did eight.  Each is about 25 feet.  I did four where I changed direction facing to the right and four where I changed direction facing to the left.

4.  Sprint/walk intervals for 20 minutes –  Once again, I used the 30-yard, 60-yard, and 90-yard measurements.

5.  Cool-down 


It felt really nice out today.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I used to hate cardio sessions, but I actually enjoy this type of stuff.  It keeps my heart healthy so the caring wife doesn’t get worried.