Well, this was a weird one.  I’m not really sure what the causal factors are, but I regressed on my two-legged exercises and progressed on my single-legged ones.  Whatever.

Oh, and yesterday was a rest day.  Also, we went up to Delray Beach to check out the Art Walk up there.  There were a few amazing artists there.  My two favorites were a guy who took underwater pictures of fish and mammals that stay close to the surface (he even got a cool picture of a swimming elephant that was fully submerged.  Nifty.), and a guy who added depth to his paintings by putting stuff on the painting.  So, for hair on one of his paintings, he would cut colored pencils and glue them on in about two-inch segments.  They stuck straight out, but it was creative.  I think that’s my favorite part of art.  I like seeing where the artist’s mind takes them that is beyond what everyone else is doing.  People who pursue novelty inspire me.

Anyway, el workouto.

1.  Warm-Up

2.  Barbell Cleans:
Goal:  175 x 2.
Actual: 175 x 1.  175 x 1.  175 x 1.

3.   Barbell Front Squats:
Goal:  235 x 3.
Actual:  235 x 1.  225 x 2.  205 x 3.  (No, I don’t know how that happened)

4.  Single-legged Dumbbell Rear-Foot-Elevated Carry Position Squats:
Goal:  70s x 3.
Actual:  70s x 3.  70s x 5.  75s x 3.

5.  Single-legged Dumbbell Rear-Foot-Elevated Rack Position Squats:
Goal:  60s x 4.
Actual:  60s x 5.  65s x 3.  65s x 4.

6.  Single-Legged Barbell Romanian Deadlifts:
Goal:  70 x 4.
Actual:  70 x 3.  70 x 3.  70 x 3.

7.  Cool-Down


I really don’t know what to say.  This intrigues me more than anything.