Biking in South Florida can be treacherous.  Especially when you live in Boca Raton.  However, if you choose to or have to, here’s a little information on how to be prepared based on my last month or so of biking.


1.  You can typically divide drivers into three categories.  Genuinely bad drivers, the elderly, and good drivers.  They are pretty evenly divided among these categories.


2.  The bad drivers will never notice your existence.  Even if they only miss hitting you by three feet, they won’t have even seen you because they never looked.  Literally.


3.   The elderly are kind of hit and miss.  Some of them have reflexes.  Some of them don’t.  I haven’t noticed many of them being blatantly negligent.  It’s just that their cognitive functions are declining.


4.  The good drivers will see you and give you the right of way if you legally have it.  They’re the breath of fresh air that you’ll get once every couple days.  You know, when someone actually waves you on at a light because the pedestrian crossing light is on.


5.  All in all, just act like you’re invisible.  Ride like no one has any potential of seeing you and react accordingly.  It’s the only way to be sure that you get home in one piece.