There’s not much to announce here.  The major negative to today was that it was lightly raining this morning, so I couldn’t use my sidewalk chalk to draw my Dot Drill square.  The major positive being that since it was lightly raining, it felt great outside.  It was a fun, pretty easy workout.

1.  Warm-up

2.  Dot Drills – no square, but I just guesstimated.  I did two-legged jumps and single-legged jumps in different patterns.

3.  Skate Jumps – jump straight side to side from one leg to the other.  Fun stuff.

4.  Sprint/walk intervals – I sprinted about 30 yards, then walked back to the initial point.  I repeated that with 60 yards and 90 yards for twenty minutes.  Good stuff.  No hamstring pain at all this time.  They’re finally getting used to this whole sprinting thing.  Ha.

5.  Cool-down

6.  Eat carbs.


I didn’t step foot in the gym today.  #win.