To add to my neck troubles, I woke up with allergies.  So, I had a headache and some level of fatigue along with the neck problems.  Great.

I thought about it and realized that working out for high reps on legs wouldn’t make my neck, headache, or fatigue any worse.  So, I went and pumped out the session.  It wasn’t all that fun, but it was necessary.  Also, I haven’t done higher reps for quite a while.  As a result, these numbers were pretty terrible.  Ha ha.  But it’s all good in the neighborhood.  At least it will be easy to progress from these.

1.  Warm-Up

2.   Barbell Front Squats.
Goal:  None.  I haven’t done high reps of these in forever.
Actual:  165 x 8.  155 x 7.  135 x 8.

3.  Single-Legged Dumbbell Rear-Foot-Elevated Carry Position Squats.
Goal:  Nothing to compare it to.
Actual:  40s x 10.  40s x 8.  35s x 8.

4.  Single-Legged Dumbbell Rear-Foot-Elevated Rack Position Squats.
Goal:  Nada.
Actual:   30s x 8.  25s x 10.  25s x 10.

5.  Single-Legged Barbell Romanian Deadlifts.
Goal:  ?
Actual:  45 (the bar) x 6.  Resorted to dumbbells.  10s x 8.  10s x 7.

6.  FST-7 (7 sets of 10 reps with 45 seconds of rest between sets) Barbell Front Squats.
Goal:  Be able to finish with more than just the bar.  Ha ha.
Actual:  95 x 10.  95 x 10.  95 x 10.  95 x 10.  95 x 10.  95 x 10.  95 x 10.

7.  Cool-down.

8.  Eat some carbs.


That was hard.  However, one thing mowing the neighbors lawn during severe allergic reactions back in high school taught me was how to finish what you start.  If you put your mind to it, you can push through pretty much any level of discomfort (as long as you don’t jack up a tendon, ligament, or bone in the process).

It’s days like these when I feel absolutely spent after achieving a goal that I feel proud of myself.  Pain wasn’t a deterrent.  I knew I wouldn’t hurt myself worse by going, so I just did it.  I’m all for listening to pain when it comes to joints and preventing long-term injury, but when somebody’s always complaining about how their fingernails hurt, I really couldn’t care less.  Those people will never accomplish anything in life because they’re too busy complaining to see the opportunities right in front of them.

Also, I’m blessed to have Lisa around.  She’s been helping me out with the neck pain.  Icing, stretching, and massaging.  It’s a lot better than it was yesterday, and I have to thank Lisa for that.  I’m terrible at nursing injuries.  If it were up to me, I’d probably do nothing for it and just let it heal on its own.  Her way is a lot better, though.