Sadly, this is something that I (Tyler) am currently terrible at creating in others.  I’m a pretty logical person who will try to convince others of things through rational deduction.  Even then, I’m still pretty hands-off because I never want to force anyone to do something.  I want their choices to be their own.

I’m realizing a few things:


1.  My biggest problem is that I constantly attempt to interact solely with people’s minds.  I try to convince them to work out three times a week and eat fruits and veggies.  What I’ve been too aloof to realize is that most people don’t respond solely to logic.  They need to be allowed to stay in their comfort zone as well.  I can’t just tell them where they should be and expect them to do it.


2.  I somehow forgot that I even took one step at a time towards a healthy lifestyle rather than just blitzing it cold-turkey.  I started out with no soda for the first few months.  Then, I moved to adding no dessert for the next few months.  I progressed step by step over a series of years to where I am now.


3.  Everything in life is a series of slow, progressive steps.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Neither was your belief system.  Neither were your relationships.  Neither was your education.


4.  People want to stay in their comfort zone.  If you’re able to somehow make a tiny modification to their comfort zone that they can permanently accept, then you’ve done your job.


The plan of attack will be to make a long series of micro-changes that can be fully tolerated by the individual.  Each change should seem very easy to the person so that they will actually stick with it.  Well, at least that’s the theory.  🙂