I haven’t done a heavy upper body day for a while because I’ve been doing mostly full-body workouts.  So, today was interesting.  It’s just a lot of volume for the muscle groups being used in comparison to prior workouts.

1.  Warm-Up.

2.  Barbell Bench Press. 
Goal:  285 x 4.
Actual:  285 x 3.  275 x 5.  275 x 3.

3.  Barbell Row.
Goal:  205 x 5.
Actual:  205 x 5.  205 x 5.  205 x 5.

4.  Seated Barbell Military Press.
Goal:  155 x 5.
Actual:  135 x 5.  145 x 5.  155 x 5.

5.  Chin-Ups.
Goal:  Bodyweight + 90lbs x 4.
Actual:  BW + 90 x 4.  BW + 85 x 4.  BW + 80 x 5.

6.  Single-Arm Plyometric Push-Ups
Goal:  4″ Box x 1
Actual:  8″ Box x 3.  6″ Box x 2.  6″ Box x 2.

7.  Cool-Down

8.  Eat some carbs.


First off, I somehow tweaked something in my neck.  Based on where I feel the pain, my bet is that it’s the splenius cervicis (for nerds: splenius cervicis), but who cares?  I just hope it goes away.  It should.  The main downside was that I did it on my first set of bench press.  It somewhat threw off my mojo.  Ha.

Secondly, I’m glad to have some reference numbers now.  Every number is lower than when I did this workout last two months ago, but that’s to be expected.  I lost four pounds of muscle since then.  I’ve just gotta learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward.