Big Larry’s Gym -The Home of Preposterone

Urban definition of “preposterone”:  Testosterone in preposterous proportions


During my initiation to Larry’s Gym, I tried out the leg press machine.  I got pinned.  David had to help me up, and then he made fun of me afterwards.  It was off to a good start.

As I think about my weight training addiction from more of a psychological perspective, I think that it goes back to my days at Big Larry’s Gym.  Big Larry is my friend David’s dad.  We call him “Big Larry” because he’s a hoss of a man who could always out-bench us.  Thankfully, Larry had made his own gym in his basement.  He had tons of free weights, a bench, a squat rack, some high and low pulleys, and a leg press machine.  That’s really all that you need.

Big Larry’s Gym gave us a place to blast some heavy music, lift some heavy weight, hang out, and talk about life.  I think that’s largely why David is my best friend to this day.  We got to build muscle together, encourage each other about lifts and life, and just have a lot of fun.

Fun to us meant getting stronger.  We both got to some pretty heavy lifts (like 405 on squats and maybe 495 on deadlifts if I remember correctly).  This also meant playing August Burns Red while doing 20-rep Leg Presses.  That typically resulted in David throwing up.  Seriously.  He would finish his set, kinda sit there for a minute, grab his bucket, and walk outside to puke.  After a while, this became common-place (which is something David’s bride-to-be didn’t understand when she saw it the first time.  She must have thought I was a real jerk when I didn’t care that David was going outside to puke when she worked out with us).

Now, I’m in the Exercise Science field and David is in Physical Therapy school.  I think Larry’s Gym had a lot to do with creating that love of weight training.  David and Larry were even kind enough to let my little brother Austin work out there with us.  He loved it, and he has kept up with weight training ever since.

So, this is basically just a big thank-you to David, Larry, and Sharon Lyday.  I’ll be forever thankful for them putting up with me coming over every day in the summer.  I’m still excited to see how far our passions for health and fitness take us.  Regardless of how extensive our impacts are, our roots go back to that beloved concrete basement with heavy barbells and heavy music.