This was another conditioning day for me.  I like to do some multi-directional plyometrics and then finish it off with interval runs/walks.

For today, I went outside and drew an agility ladder (ten lines with 18″ in between each other) on the parking lot with some sidewalk chalk.  It’s ghetto, but it gets the job done.  🙂

1.  Warm-Up

2.  High-knees straight-forward on agility ladder

3.  Side to side carioca on the agility ladder

4.  Run intervals for twenty minutes.  There were several different points I would run to.  If my walking stride is about a yard, then those points are 30 yards, 60 yards, 90 yards, and 120 yards.  Or at least around there.  I run to that mark and run back to the starting point.  Then, I walk to wherever I just ran and walk back to the starting point.  I continue that for 20  minutes.

5.  Cool-Down

6.  Eat some carbs