The issue isn't that a large butt is bad. The issue is that a fat, shapeless butt is bad. Build the butt muscle with strength exercise and burn the fat on top of it.

Unfortunately, there are volumes of health and fitness misinformation.  I want to share one that I read today.  Sadly, it’s by a medical doctor who doesn’t understand that he’s not an Exercise Physiologist.  As a result, he probably has no idea that the butt workout he’s sharing on his website is absolutely idiotic if you understand anything about exercise science.  Why?

1.  He says to do it if you hate your large butt.  Exercising a muscle creates growth stimulus.  So, exercising your butt will result in a bigger butt.  If you really want your butt to be small, you should do everything you can to avoid using it (which I’m not recommending at all).

2.  He sets everything up in a one set of one exercise per day fashion.  Good luck with that.  Spending literally one minute on exercise for your day’s workout isn’t going to make anything better.  If you sow one minute of effort, you’ll reap one minute’s worth of reward.  Put on your big boy/girl pants and actually commit to a workout program.

3.  On the one exercise that actually uses weights, he says to pick up five pound weights or soup cans.  Your butt will never become developed with that little weight.  The best female fitness models will be using at least two hundred pounds for the same exercise.

4.  He recommends taking a kudzu root supplement.  ::sigh::  I don’t even know where to start here.  I’ve been raised with the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”.  Mum’s the word, then.  The best, level-headed thing I can say here is that you should check out this website prior to buying any supplement or believing any supplement manufacturer’s claims: Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets.  Notice “kudzu root” isn’t even on there.  I’m not going to point my finger yet but something smells fishy.

If you really want a strong, shapely butt, it’s going to come as a result of hard work.  Despite this MD’s best wishes and marketing skills, no one is going to get in shape with his excuse of a workout.  In order to build a good-looking butt, you’re going to have to build the muscle that creates that curve.  Then, you’re going to have to lose the fat that’s covering the curve.  It will take three days a week of lifting weights, some cardio, and eating some more fruits and veggies.

Here’s a link to a blog we follow.  She’s definitely smart and has “blasted her butt fat”:  Marianne’s Booty-Making Home Workout