At some point, we all need to just sit back and remember where we’ve come from.  For me, this is often a tremendously difficult task because I’m constantly thinking about the present and how to positively affect the future.

But things are far more pleasureful when you remember the times in which you didn’t have them.  For me, my marriage is far more than I ever dreamed it could be, but I often forget my pre-Lisa disillusionment after being let down one too many times by some of the girls in my life.  My current profession is a dream come true although it’s just in its infancy.  However, I love it even more when I remember that I used to be working only for the end result of money rather than thoroughly enjoying the whole process of what I did as well.  In the same way, my current health and fitness is more satisfying when I remember the overweight twelve year old kid with severe allergies I used to be.

So the point is that in order to truly appreciate what you have, every once in a while you need to remember just how much of a blessing the present truly is.  Sure, you have your own present challenges and frustrations, but never take for granted what you have now.  Chances are that you haven’t always had it, and you may not have it forever.