Everyone should have a “biggest cheerleader” in their life.  Having a support group is known to bring about the greatest success.  That is why weight watchers is so successful.  It’s not because they have the best diet or the most science, but because they have the greatest support group system.

I’m so blessed to have quite a few cheerleaders in my life.  One of the biggest and daily cheerleader is my husband.  He has encouraged me from the day we met.  He sings songs about me, always tells me how smart I am, tells me I’m beautiful, encourages me in every idea that I throw out.  He is the ideal cheerleader and I hope that everyone in the world has a cheerleader as great as mine.

I wish that everyone could have such a perfect person to cheer them on, but what I wish for more is that you were your ideal cheerleader, your biggest fan.  I wish that you would think the world of yourself and value your thoughts and opinions.  I want you to think of great adjectives to describe yourself and to call yourself beautiful, inside and out.  Reality is, we should be our biggest fans.  There is always going to be that person out there that is going to encourage you when you need it and say the words you need to hear, but you need to hear and believe them from yourself.  Have some confidence.  Do things others think you can’t.  Take the route less taken.  Be ambitious.  Why not?  Failure is only a perception.  It’s only failure when you believe it is such and give up.

So, don’t give up.  Don’t start where everyone else thinks you should start when you had something different in mind, something a little more ambitious.  Take a leap.  Cheer yourself on.  Take pride in who you are and who you are becoming.  I mean, humility is great and a virtue, but there is nothing wrong in valuing who you are.  Often, we can get in such a pit thinking all of the low things about ourselves and then we get into a mindset of all of the things we’re afraid of or are not sure of.  That’s when we get into trouble.  It’s hard to get out of a certain mindset and into a new one.  Especially one that you have convinced yourself of about yourself.  When others compliment you, take it and make it your own.  Believe it.  Create compliments for yourself.  Look at yourself in the mirror and say what you like or come up with adjectives that describe you and your personality.  Come up with a list of accomplishments that you are proud of or that you want to accomplish.  Whatever it is, grab your pom poms and cheer for YOU.

I’m not saying that I have mastered this or anything, but we should always encourage each other to think great things about ourselves.  Since college and my struggle with an eating disorder, I have never had very much confidence.  I really have no reason not to be confident, though.  My lowest grade in college is a B, I graduated with a degree in Mathematics, I had a lot of friends, I met a great man who has so much confidence in me, I have a great family, I do well at anything I put my mind to.  It seems impossible to get me to be confident in myself.  But I have to make it a daily practice and effort because when I’m down on myself, it’s hard on me and it’s hard on those I love.  Even though I can rely on compliments from other people to carry me through, the ones that can impact you the most are the encouraging thoughts from yourself.  You have to believe it and make it your own.  Make it a mindset.  Make your world a better place.